Personal critique of Summer Show 2017

This year Summer show was very impressive. With many talented people all over the university I personally think (probably a bit biased) textiles was the best!

This work was amazing. I think it caught my eye because I am interested in kids also the I love  how she put some of her samples in hoop. I love the use of hoops as I use hoops in a lot of my travel photography, I have even created my own hashtag page on Instagram.


I also like her designs and her hand painted motifs. I think it was creative to use hand made motifs and translate them in to repeat patterns digitally. I Liked her hanger racks as they were different than other people’s which made her stand out.

Another person I really liked was Roni Marshal. I have done all her headers so I had a really close look at her amazing work. She has been inspired by Japanese culture. Roni hand painted all the final designs then digitally print.

I think her collection works very well for interiors, she is a talented painted and her work translates well on cloth.