New drawings

After getting my feedback I was happy with the grade but I wasn’t happy with the work I produced. I wanted to work on it more and happily we had few weeks of independent study. I decided to do some more drawings showing more techniques which I can then translate in to motifs and patterns in Photoshop,

Flamingo, painted using acrylic paints. I’ve used a pulling technique to create texture. I am really proud of it however I think I need to work on the feet/claws a little bit more.


Parrots. I created those parrots using dry paint pulling technique. I like the textures on the wings and bodies of the birds but again I need to work on the claws.


Parrot in watercolours. I wanted to experiment with a different media so I chose to use watercolour to represent the vibrant colours. I used a black fine lined for outlines as I wanted to show detail of the wings.


Parrot in acrylic. I decided to do the same parrot in acrylic again as I feel like my acrylic painting skills are better. Also I think it work better for the collection I have in mind.


I created this swan using acrylic dry paint pulling technique. I am not as proud of this as the flamingo or parrots but I still like it. I think it will look good when I work on it in Photoshop and convert it in to designs.
The leafs. I decided to do those leafs because I wanted to have variety in my designs. Some of the designs from the last collection seen to similar to me so I will be using the leafs as motifs for backgrounds for some designs.


I really like the pink and white flowers that I’ve done using dry paint pulling technique. I think they will look good in my designs.

I love daisies. For this one I’ve used the same technique as for the other ones, but I have also done an outline for the petal detail and it makes it look less realistic.
I decided to use more techniques so I’ve used wet paint technique with I don’t think looks as good as it doesn’t create a texture. Also it might not match my collection.
I think this rose it beautiful however it seems to me like the leaves are a little bit out of proportion.
I like this little collection of blue flowers but I think it is too dark.

My personalised Clothing

My personalised clothing website in another business which offers a wide variety of customised products. Standard, ladies, kids and T-shirts, hoodies, sweats.

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They are being more innovative and creative so they offer to put the logos or names in different positions on the clothing.


Reviews and rewards! They have a reviews section and also got an award for trusted service.


Devon shirts

Devon Shirts Devon shirts looks like a really good and reliable business with many great offers to chose from, however as a designer I don’t like their website design.

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What I did like was the amount of clothing they had to offer, there was more then dozen of categories and after you clicked on one more subcategories opened. They had really good products within the categories too.


My favourite category was Accessories. From bizarre subcategories like umbrellas, ties and badges to my personal favourite dog vest. accessoris

After clicking on a products you get a choice of colours and size, after clicking on a picked colour you can see how many they have in each size. I think is a really idea for when people are ordering more then few garments.


Street shirts

Street shirts is quite well known company which specialises in personalising clothing. They value their clients by showing them their values and ways of working.

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If you order many products you can get bulk order discount, you can mix and match garments, colours, sizes and even designs. They also have a review section on the page which I always like to read.


When I was researching the company this little notification kept popping up saying that some one just got a fantastic custom T-shirt. The notification also showed the location of the buyer and it was all over the UK!

Go Custom

Go Custom | Personalised clothing. This company offers so much from work wear, sports, college and even kids.

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They advertise 3 steps :

  1. Select your garment
  2. Upload your design
  3. Preview and check out

I decided to try it out my self, I selected the garment – they didn’t have any hospital gowns for patience but they had hospital tunics wore by nurses. I got a lot of sizes and colours to pick from press on any, it said that it this one was available in printing, embroidery and plain when I tried to upload a logo it asked me to make an account so I didn’t follow it through.


I really like that they have a review section on their website. And from what it looks like people are very happy with their services.


Custom Planet Ltd

Custom Planet Ltd is another good company which specialises in personalising clothing. They value their clients so they offer exclusive special offers and discounts. Their clients are brand like NHS, Newcastle Falcons or Newcastle University.

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The have a lot to offer from simple t-shirts and hoodies to knitwear and bags. And of course they have an option to print, embroider and screen print logos or names to make your clothing more personal.


Click here to find out more about our range of Product Personalisation options

Custom planet also has a promotional products section in which they advertise a lot of different products like stationery products, roller banners or hats.