Up cycleing

This work is exhibited in the National botanical gardens of Wales. I went to David Hieatt talk about jeans. He felt strongly about how jeans and have a story to tell. I decided to buy two pairs of high quality second hand jeans from a charity shop and make them tell a story. I have transferred one in to a vest top and using machine embroidery I stitched love quotes on additional fabrics. I used organic fabric because I thought it would work well with the jeans and the up cycling/recycling project.

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I had an old pair of Chelsea boots so to match the up cycling project I decided to use them too. Using thread and yarn I have weaved multicolour stripes across the boots.


Mothers of Africa

 Mother of Africa is a charity that focuses on pregnant woman in Africa. I participated in creating the quilt of a ruffle. We have raised over £260.  I chose to focus on the children that would have to grow up without their mothers. Using patterned or died fabric I hand and machine embroidered crying baby to show emotions and saddens.

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