Key Items A/W 17/18: Baby & Toddler


Baby& Toddler A/W for 2017/2018


Silhouette: the oversized play suit emerges as a fresh and easy-to-wear one-piece shape. The knitted dungaree and the ruffle top provide cosy winter layering options for baby.

Print & Pattern: following the growing importance of two-piece sets, coordinated prints are a popular choice across matching tops and bottoms. Print scales are oversized and sketchy in style, while simple text-based graphics update core tees and sweats.

Materials & Details: plush faux furs and soft cosy knits provide ultimate winter warmth. Folk-inspired embroideries and delicate lace trims add a pretty finish to girls’ dresses.


Luxe Fur Coat

Following its enduring popularity in the older kid’s swear and adult markets, fur remains a popular choice for baby too. Plush, super-shiny, and ultra-soft faux furs combine luxury with warmth, with hooded styles providing extra cosiness. Pretty pastel and neutral shades remain a popular choice for the baby market, complemented by pretty detailing such as lace and ribbon trims. Mix fur with contrasting fabrics such as tulle for a fresh update, or use bold animal prints for a fun twist.


Hooded Cardigan

The hooded cardigan, as forecast in the Key Items A/W 17/18: Baby & Toddler report, emerges this season as a key knitwear shape. Hand-knits, soft chunky yarns and textured stitches offer a cosy winter appeal, and hoods are updated with pointy peaks featuring tassel or pompom trims. Keep colours neutral, or use warm autumnal tones.


Oversized – Print Sweats

Update the staple sweatshirt this season with fun and oversized prints, in line with this key print trend seen trickling down from the older children’s collections. Cartoon-inspired motifs, bold abstract shapes and hand-sketched graphics and words appear haphazardly placed due to scale, offering a fresh and unexpected twist.


Ruffle Top

As forecast in the Key Items A/W 17/18: Baby & Toddler report, the ruffle top emerges as a core layering piece for winter, offering a sophisticated cosy styling option. Exaggerated ruffle collars are key, seen in both woven and true knit options, while fine pleats offer a fresh variation on gathering.


Slogan Tee

Simple text-base graphics filter down to babywear, in line with the continuing popularity of printed slogans across older children’s and adults’ collections, and seen widely across social media. Type is kept minimalist, and palettes are simple, adding impact to the words. As seen emerging in the #Besties trend alert, matching graphics gain momentum across the generations, while slogans reflect cute and positive messaging


Artisan Dress

The artisan dress reflects a carefree bohemian spirit this season, seen in a range of earthy tones and natural fibres. Opt for babydoll shapes and roomy fits, in line with the importance of the oversized dress shape. Decorative embroideries and smocked panels provide folk-inspired surface interest, while delicate lace trims add a pretty finish.


Knitted Dungaree

As forecast in the A/W 17/18 Key Items report, the knitted dungaree gains importance as a key layering piece for winter, combining practicality with warmth and comfort. Opt for solid colours in warm autumnal shades, or add surface interest through decorative intarsias and stitch detail. For a fun and fresh update, add pompoms or animal-paw motifs.


Two-Piece Set

Two-piece jersey coordinated sets prove a popular styling choice this season, offering eyecatching head-to-toe graphics. Refresh core jersey separates by pairing tops and bottoms together with matching prints. Digital photo prints, cute and humorous cartoon-inspired designs, and text-based graphics are oversized and exaggerated to achieve this fun look.


Oversized Playsuit

As forecast in the A/W 17/18 Key Items report, the oversized playsuit emerges as a fresh silhouette for the season, drawing its influence from youth streetwear. Fits are roomy and easy-to-wear, often featuring a dropped crotch or large kangaroo-style front pocket. Add oversized graphic placements or sketchy repeat prints, or opt for simple sports-inspired colour-blocking.


Geometric Knits

Cardigans and sweaters reflect a retro aesthetic this season, featuring a range of geometric intarsias. Simple checks, grids, squares and zig-zags are key, as well as more intricate small-scale designs, often seen in pared-back two-tone palettes. Add contrast ribbed detailing to the neck, cuffs and hem to complement this graphic look.


Reference –

WGSN, (10.07.16). Baby & Toddler – A/W 17/18 Category Update. [online] Available at: [10.10.16]

I really like this trend, my favourite styles are the oversized print sweats, artisan dress, two piece set, oversized playsuit and geometric knits.


WGSN – World Global Style Network

What is WGSN?

Google says – WGSN is the world’s leading trend forecasting and analysis service, equipping style-driven businesses around the world with future intelligence and creative inspiration on what’s new and what’s next through digital subscription and bespoke research services.

They are all about creating tomorrow and forecasting trend for future seasons.


They also follow and deliver all the latest news and trends.


Each page is full of future trends in different departments, not just in fashion but also all creative industries such as interiors or travels.

Each trend is carefully explained with photographs and illustrations. I  clicked on any trend that was on the front page – Swimwear s/s 2018. I’m guessing the s/s means spring/summer which is the season and time of the year the collection will be in stores.

The trend comes up with several different styles which will be in store that time of the year, it’s almost like a power point presentation and you can flick through the pages. On each page we get few photographs of woman in swimming suits and a detailed fashioned illustration of the style of the suit.

After all the styles there is a range plan which is an overview of the collection with all the designs, it shows the potential buyer the styles and designs and also the fabrics and colourways.

Each trend presentations is different. This one is Paris Trade Shows S/S 17 – Women’s wear and has more information on it as a start.

overviewIt also has a fashion check list as the second slide which is information on the garments which we will be seeing later on in the presentations in photographs.trend-check

Later on in this presentation there are examples of different styles and trend for Paris Trade Show spring/summer 2017. They only contain photographs with no illustrations or sketches.

Trend forecasting on WGSN is a great tool for a designer in any part of industry. Designers usually work up to 4 seasons ahead which means they have to know what will be in fashion 1-2 years ahead.


Starting to write a brief

After the research I started writing my brief. I had a little help from a good friend that has just finished doing 3rd year of my course! She had to do the same task when she was in year two so she gave me her self written brief as a template. Thank you Laura!

I didn’t want to do or write to much just in case if my tutors won’t like this idea but this is basically it.

General Idea

To create an innovative set of hospital gowns for people to feel more like them selves rather then just ill. Aiming at children (4-12) and young adults (13 -22). To be inspired my different styles, cultures and interests for different age groups.

Explore –

Different styles and cultures which I can then interpret on to cloth and hospital gowns.

Specific Objectives –

– Research current hospital gowns. The material they are made of? Cost of production? Any required parts?

– Research interests in different age groups individually to get a better understanding of the group

– Explore my trips to different places like India (Rajastan), Moro co (Marrakesh), China (Beijing), Germany (Berlin), Poland (Krakow).

– Create individual mood and color boards for different styles to help identify the focus points of each style

– Review and research more. Get children in those age groups to sketch ideas?

– Create a body of photographs and drawing.

– Experiment with different techniques.

– Create two final sets of stylised hospital gowns. Could add different color ways.

– Prepare a presentation explaining your idea, process and final designs.


How do I write a brief!?

So year two started which means work, work and work! I will have to be more independent with my studies, which basically mean that I have to self write a brief. I was always given a brief and never had a write one so I decided to do some research. Looked at quite a few websites but I think those 4 were the most helpful. They do have information about client briefs and not specifically and uni briefs.

Click on the name of the website to find out more!


They basically talk about how to write and effective design brief using company profile, aims, target audience, social network, budget, time scale and many, many more. The ones I focused on were aims, audience, and time scale.


This website caught my eye because they have a very nice website so I thought they must know what they are talking about. The information was ok but one point was very useful. This is aimed more at a client brief but I still decided to point it our – Definite ‘do nots’. I think this is a very good point because us creative people usually ask what people want when we have a to create something but never what people definitely don’t want and this could safe us so much time!


I liked this website because they made few point from the clients point of view which is also useful to learn.


This website talked more about how to get from start to finish more then how to write a brief. Such as talk it through, write it down, cover the content, dramatise the problem, detail the deliverable, conclusion. I liked that because they talked more about thing I could do to help me write the brief rather then what needs to be in the brief

London trip!

On Wednesday we went to London! I love London it’s so vibrant and there is so much inspiration and you don’t even have to go to museums. We got dropped of at the V&A so I decided to go and visit The Saatchi Gallery and Harrods.

The Saatchi Gallery is my favourite gallery in London! I love going in there and seeing new artists and designer but sadly this time I was not impressed. This was probably the worst exhibition I saw in Saatchi so far. However, I did like one quote that was a part of walking in cabinet of different decade of fashion.img_7903


Who doesn’t like to go in to Harrods and pretend you can afford any of the stuff there! As part of my project I wanted to research and photograph some of the children clothes. I wanted to see how different the high end fashion and high street fashion is. I will focus on less knows brand in this post and more well known in another post.


I like how Bonpoint presents their clothes, very near and tidy.

Girls 6 months to 3 year clothes. Very pure and delicate, such a pretty collection. The rose repeat print on cream with pink fur looks so glamour but also very cute.

One of the garments from the collection. I like how they use textiles techniques such as smocking. I have done it my self and I don’t think there is a special machine that would create smocking on to fabric.


Chloe is another great designer for children’s clothes. These beautiful tops for little girls are priced at around £150 each. From the left – Rose gold marking making repeat pattern, middle – random grey horse repeat, right – beautiful crochet segment.


I really like their children’s clothes. They use funny monster repeat pattern and applique. They make it fun for the kids to wear but also very approachable for the parents. The do both girls and boys collections.


Appliqued flowers using multi colour fabric really lives up this pastel pink dress.  The gathering to separate each section of the dress works very well with the 3 dimensional flowers.

Slightly gathered at the sides of the dress makes it looks more neat. The colours are so unrealistic it makes them look great.


Using light bulbs as a repeat pattern or applique works very well for boys 6 month to 3 years.

Monsters made out of geometric shapes work very well on clothing for 6 months to 3 years. This top and coat looks very trendy which is what moms are looking for but also fun for kids.

Repeating the bulb pattern on a shirt for an older boy. Not sure if a preteen boy would be happy to wear this shirt.


Again using geometric monster on clothes for older boys. I love the spiky leather sleeves which match the monster’s teeth.

This monster design is so cool. It looks like eyes of a very bored monster. I love it in applique in both leather and knit.

Mischka Aoki

This designer focuses on glamour dresses for girls. The dresses are made of many layers of fabric and long hours of embroidery.img_8076

Those dresses are priced from around £960 up to £5.800! This is literary the rent for mu student house for the whole year!

Beautiful 3 dimensional gathered flowers made out of organza. It is impossible to make those flowers on a machine each one had to be done individually by hand. This dress is just amazing, it’s so pretty and cute.

Hundreds of sequins and hand made flowers, all in blue, all beautiful.

Black silk organza on a white dress gives an amazing dark grey outcome.The embroidery o the dress is such a high standard and almost everything had to be done my hand. The white dress with metallic silver thread looks so pure and sparkly at the same time.