Medisave is a brand which focuses on hospital equipment, not just hospital gowns for the patients but also scrubs for nurses and doctors. They also specialise in hospital furniture such as patient chairs or laboratory fridges and many more. The have a very wide range of options to chose from.


Medisave has a collection of patient wear for women and men. The gowns are plain with no special pattern or exiting colours, they are just simple and practical.

This company also does a set of specialist scrubs. They do different colours, styles and size and also maternity!


The tunics are probably aimed at nurses in hospitals or nursing homes. Again they is a wide variety of colours.


Specialist footwear. My grandmother was a nurse and I remember she always used to say that those shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world and if she could she could she would wear them all the time! I love how Medisave offers an option with a pattern on it to make it more personal and customised.


Miscellaneous section in full of face masks, tabrads, gowns and shirts.


Medisave focuses on plain and practical hospital wear along site hospital equipment, they don’t personalise and customise the garments as I would like to but I think this company is still good to be one of my competitors.



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