Creative Kids Couture

Creative kids couture

Creative kids couture is a blog that I’ve came across on Pinterest, they create designs for sewing patterns for kids, dogs and home. They are not a huge company but they have a good collection of designs and patterns. One of their blogs was about Children’s Hospital Gowns, however they are not the original makes of this project. Jeannie Olson is a mother of a sick boy wanting to make the days in hospital betterJeannie uses her own patterns which she created her self to produce the gowns. However she has agreed to share the patterns on the blog. Sadly I couldn’t find any information on Jannie Olson so my question is who would be my competitor? The original designer behind this project which is Jeannie or the Create kids couture blog which has the patterns and aggrement from the original designer?


Jeannie has created 4 hospital gowns for her son’s stay in the hospital. She even gives advise to people who would like to create gowns them selves ‘using plastic snaps on the shoulders, both for kids’ comfort and so they can wear the gown into radiology (most of the time)’

The Create Kids Couture blog has tested out the pattern and made some of the gowns them selves. They look amazing and those simple gowns would definetly help children with their stay in the hospital.

This would be a perfect competitor for my project but the question is who is the actually competitor in this case?




Medisave is a brand which focuses on hospital equipment, not just hospital gowns for the patients but also scrubs for nurses and doctors. They also specialise in hospital furniture such as patient chairs or laboratory fridges and many more. The have a very wide range of options to chose from.


Medisave has a collection of patient wear for women and men. The gowns are plain with no special pattern or exiting colours, they are just simple and practical.

This company also does a set of specialist scrubs. They do different colours, styles and size and also maternity!


The tunics are probably aimed at nurses in hospitals or nursing homes. Again they is a wide variety of colours.


Specialist footwear. My grandmother was a nurse and I remember she always used to say that those shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world and if she could she could she would wear them all the time! I love how Medisave offers an option with a pattern on it to make it more personal and customised.


Miscellaneous section in full of face masks, tabrads, gowns and shirts.


Medisave focuses on plain and practical hospital wear along site hospital equipment, they don’t personalise and customise the garments as I would like to but I think this company is still good to be one of my competitors.



Gownies is another hypothetical competitors company. They are all about making hospital visits more comfortable. The want to improve oversized, revealing one-size traditional gowns. Gownies designers focus on style, comfort and appropriate for hospitals when it comes to all medical needs.  More information

Hospital gowns with multi colour repeat patterns.


Gownies also specialise in maternity gowns. The gown comes with a pillow with the same repeat pattern.


Patients can personalise their gowns by getting type stitched on. They can chose the colour of the thread and text styling.


Here are the top 3 bestsellers with colour swatches.

Boden – Intergalactic T-shirt designs

Boden website

Boden is a company which specialises in children clothing. This company caught my eye because they are working with the Starlight Children’s Foundation!


They focus on customising children’s everyday clothes. Boden had created 4 intergalactic T-shirt designs to support Starlight, for every purchase made Boden will donate £1 to the charity! More information

Here are the 4 designs

Katie-May with around 7.100 sequins on the top.


Samuel with long sleeve logo t-shirt


Ruby with twinky, shiny, glittery t-shirt


George with ground control t-shirt which glows in the dark! My personal favourite.


This company will make a great competitor for my project.


IZ – Wheelchair Clothing for Men & Women

Izzy Camilleri, one of the designers involved in the WARD + ROBES project is also involved in a project which is based on designing clothing for men and women in wheelchairs. IZ Collection is a fashionable and functional line of clothing created for wheelchairs users to make then feel more comfortable and good.

‘Our clothing has signature cuts and styles for a seated body, which fit better, look nicer and feel more comfortable than standard mainstream clothing, all without interfering with wheelchair mechanics. We use quality fabrics, selected for stretch and durability. IZ garments are created ethically in our studio, where every consideration is made so that you get the best possible product and service.’ More information


The garments are designer in a way so it is comparable for people who sit a lot or all the time. The back of jackets are removed to improve the movement and the waist on the trousers is altered so it covers the back more better.

Here are some examples of women’s denim.


Examples of tops and dresses.


Examples of woman suits and office wear.


IZ Collection also launched a fashion line for men. Here are some examples of the denim.


Examples of suits and office wear


Examples of outwear

men out wear.png

The IZ Collection company doesn’t exactly work with customising clothes to make people them selves but helps people by altering the garments and seems to make it more comfortable for people in wheelchairs to wear. I think this company will make a great hypothetical competitor company.

India Amara

India Amara is one of the artist involved in the WARD + ROBES project. She is a tattoo artist with amazing illustration skills. Here is some of her work.

Traditional style

Illustrative style

Black and white – This style is my favourite one of out all of her work

She is interested in beauty and darkness, the sacred and the authentic. Dark florals, ornamental and sacred imagery. More information

Izzy Camilleri

Izzy Camilleri is oneof the designers involved in the WARD + ROBES project, she is the fashion designer.She is an innovative Canadian fashion designer who has named her name  creating clothes for national and international clients. Started with raved-about runway collection her recent groundbreaking work designing high-style wardrobes essentials for people in wheelchairs.

After making her name in the 80s and early 90s with her own collection Camilleri worked in backstage to the film and television industry where she applied her couture-like workmanship, keen on details and signature style of clothing for feature films, TV series and music videos. That iconic fun worn by Meryl Streep’s dangerously, cool fashion editor in The Devil Wear Prada, Camilleri original!!devils-wear-prada

Camilleri has very unique style,here are some of her collections.

More information