Next Kids -Fashion

Next kids website

Next is a very well known clothing company, they mostly focus on women and men fashion but they also do children line of clothing.


I focused on 6 months to 3 year girls clothes. They used a lot of textile techniques that I use everyday in the studio. The one on the left uses applique and free machining, the middle one looks like hand embroidery and the right grey one is print.


Topman – Fashion

Topman website

Topshop does a special shop for man called Topman. One of their features is about London and New York Street Style by Jacob Corner.


London Street Style

‘Embroidery is what makes a standard jacket a great one. Already seen this season and last season on souvenir jackets, it’s now popping up on all types of silhouette, transforming tired shapes into statement pieces’ more information


New York Street Style

‘Buyer beware: if you don’t actually like the band whose tee you’re rocking, you run the risk of getting caught in a conversation about, say, Van Halen’s live albums in a pub smoking area. They look great though and couldn’t be more on-trend’ More information


H&M – Fashion

H&M Ladies Wear website

H&M is known for very trendy designs. It’s targeted at teens and 20 year olds. They always get inspired by the latest fashion and set the trends for all the seasons.


I chose the season favourites category and I got a very trendy collection for autumn which is darker colors with no pattern which is basically what I wear.


Wardrobes – Fashion

Wardrobes website

This company works with the Star Light Canada Foundations and they create customise hospital gowns for teenagers in hospitals.


Ward + Robes have a very good cause, they want to make the teenagers feel more like them selves rather than just patient.


Their motto is – Teens are unique. Why should their hospital gowns be any different?


Kelci London – Stationery

‘Kelci London is a boutique London design studio with the aim to create charming greeting cards and stationery that feature Kelci’s unique and stylish patterns inspired from her travels to many cities around the UK and Europe.’ Kelci London website


I really like Kelci’s work. I like the blocky style with simple but effective illustrations.


Liberty London – Stationery and Fashion

Liberty like any other big company has a lot of options to pick from. They have many different departments from stationery to clothing to interiors.


Liberty London Stationery website

The stationery department as Liberty is full of colour and repeat patterns. From what I’ve observed for the website they like natural inspirations such as flowers and birds.

Liberty London Fashion website

Liberty Fashion department focuses on baby clothes only. However the repeat patterns on the little garment are very high quality and professional. They are busy in a good way and hey are very lively color which work very well with babies.


WHSmith – Stationery

WHSmith website


WHSmith is mostly known for their books,magazines and stationery. I really like their pencil case collection, each design looks like it was created by a different designer which makes them very original and unique.