Photoshoot of upcycled garments

So my up-cycled denim trousers, vest, shirt and boots are finished! Very pleased with the denim outcomes. I like the shirt idea but I think the outcome is not as effective, I would really like to come back to appliquéd illustrations later on. The weaving and fringing on the boots I love! Also one of them is a bit wrecked at the front which is giving the boot a more upcycled look

I have asked one of my friends to model for me, big Thank you to Leigh Davies!


So as you can see I have styled the photo shoot in a cowboy style. Using upcycled boots and the hat really makes it a cowboy style. I decided to take a lot of photographs of different poses to show how the garments looks on a person.



I have also took sat down photographs, mostly to show of the boots.






After, I thought that the photographs would look good and spontaneous while Leigh is playing with the hat.



Few closeups of the denim and boots.




And now the shirt. As I have mentioned I really like the idea of appliquéd illustrations and I am planing to develop this idea. Sadly the shirt out come isn’t as effective as denim , that’s why I spend less time photographing it.








Last week I broke my boots. The timing is quite perfect. They are leather so it would be very hard to stitch on them so I decided to to weaving. I think they will look really cool with the denim jeans and vest.