Up cycled shirt

Week 2 of individual work.

I wanted to carry on with the idea of adding extra fabric on to second hand garments and the poems, stories. So I decided to create characters that the stories could be about.

I will use appliqué technique for the clothes and free machining for the outline. I will put it on a second hand shirt for a charity.


Up cycling denim

Our new brief is to up cycle a pair of jeans and ideally use organic fabrics. Inspired by David Hieatt’s key note lecture I want my jeans to tell a story. I was thinking to actually write a story but that would take too long. I decided to use poems or quotes that also in a way tell a story. I decided to hand stitch the poem on to an organic fabric and then maybe add some more different organic fabrics.

I will appliqué the fabrics to the jeans and stitch over it so they don’t fall down.

After I have done these I wanted to create something else using jeans. I decided to transform another pair of jeans in to a vest top. I have carried on with the organic fabrics and quotes idea. This time I wanted to use a sawing technique from the speed dating. I decided to use the electric machine that stitches letters. Using the same organic fabrics I have created a vest that goes with the jeans.

That’s just a quick photo of the outcome, I am planing to do photo shoot in a photography studio.

Llandaff Cathedral


For our workshops during the conferences week I went to the Llandaff Cathedral and it was beautiful! I can’t believe that it was my first time even though it’s so close to the campus.
The Jacob Epstein’s Christ in Majesty.


Each door was different. They were all curved in wood in a different, extraordinary way. I really like the repeat patterns the wood creates.

Stained glass windows have always inspired me. I love how they tell a story by images and the vibrant colors. It’s nice to see how the window looks from the outside and inside. I decided to do a reverse appliqué sample representing the vibrant colors with tie died calico.

The main door to the cathedral was very heavy and old. I really enjoy how symmetrical it is. Also I love the metal which create a lovely pattern, so I decided to do a quick free-machining sample representing it.

Fabric manipulation fabric inspires by wooden roof and door.

I really liked the visit to the cathedral and I will be definitely going back.

David Hieatt

‘We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it. So each day we come in and make the best jeans we know how. Use the best quality denims. Cut them with an expert eye. And then let our ‘Grand Masters’ behind the sewing machines do the rest.’


David Hieatt does very unique and creative branding and marketing. He makes the jeans very unique too with the No wash club or free repairs. The jeans are the highest value.


The no wash club means that you can’t wash your jeans, simple. Hiut Denim advises to get a perfect fitted pair of jeans you shouldn’t wash them. Those are the rules:

1st Rule: Six months without washing means six months.

2nd Rule: No Cold dip in the bath.

3rd Rule: No showers.

4th Rule: Rain happens. Get an umbrella.

5th Rule: Freezing them is allowed. *

6th Rule: Airing them on a washing line is allowed.

7th Rule:  Rest days are allowed.

8th Rule: If you are going to try, go all the way.

* I have tried freezing my jeans and it actually works! Smell is just a bacteria so it gets frozen in the freezer and dies. I do not recommend leaving your jeans in the freezer over night if you plan to wear them they next day. They aren’t frozen but they are freezing!  I have tried with a woven sweater and it didn’t work.

The no wash club also gives you tokens for not washing your jeans, like AA chips.


Huit jeans are for life.If they get broken there is a team of specialist that will fix the jeans. It actually takes longer to fix jeans then to create a new pair. They treat it as an art form rather then repairing.

Hiut jeans take such a good care of their customer because they believe that all jeans tell a unique story. I really like the way they thing, I think I will include this in my project.

Some one the motivational quotes David said during the key note.

Do one thing well.

Interesting things happen only when you do interesting things.

Hungriest learner do the best.

Don’t stay in a comfort zone.

Define your fears, not your goals.

Dreams should scare you.

Purpose makes you strong.

Excellence is now normal.

Ideas + Purpose = Chance


The future’s already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.

Ingrid Murphy

Communication has changed

From a phone boot that you have to stay in —> phone in out pockets

Smart dust

dust—> particle—> sized computers

Is that the future?

We are entering the hybrid age

Neil Harbisson was born color blind. He is the first cyborg, he has a antenna attached on a black market and now he sees colors as sounds and sound as colors.

Wearable Translator, speak in any language and it translated in to different languages. It’s portable and you don’t have to type anything in


Dr. Raymond Kurzweil, in the 60’s he predicted that people will make more intelligent machines then us

George Widener,obsessed with numbers, creates art for future robots to enjoy

Ionel Talpazan claims he saw UFO then carried on drawing them and their ship design. He does that so he can help when people are intelligent enough to work with UFO

Abu Bakarr Mansaray, had a dream that UFO has killed his family so he designed a machine that will fight them off.


The first part of this conference by Ingrid was very interesting, the second part by James was a bit weird. UFO isn’t really my thing.

Future Currencies

Future currencies with Sally and Paul

Different decisions —> Different outcome —> Different history

Reality is subjective not objective

Our life in narrative not a story.

Story has a beginning, middle and end. Narrative keeps going, keeps changing.

I am unique, absolutely crystal different.

Even memories change everyday.

Object hold memories too.

Chanel as an ethical idea to liberate woman. No corsets, comfier dresses so woman can drive cars.

Fashion is a powerful communication.

Narrative behind a brand.

The lid of Coco Chanel NO5 is a representation of the tower where Chanel lives as a child.


Speed dating

Speed dating of sewing machines. Today I have learned to use 11 different sewing machine techniques! 11! I had 20 minutes on each machine with a different foot to explore it and make some samples and then moved on to the next one. I want more days like this!

  1. Pintuck Foot.

The pintuck needs a string to lift/hold the fabric to create fabric manipulation. Not my favourite technique but I do like the textile it gives.

2. Quoter inch stem foot

This one is actually very complicated. I had to stitch the silk fabric first then turn it inside out which is a tricky part because the silk stripe is meant be be very thin. Then stitching the loops was quite challenging too because its hard to get them to be the same size and shape. Definitely needed more then 20 minutes on this but managed to finish it in time.

3. Piping foot

I really like this one, the foot is shaped so the yarn can’t escape so you can’t really go wrong. After I have done the piping I sawed it on organic fabric.

4. 3-way cording foot

The foot has 3 tiny metal beds for 3 threads, the thread coming out of the needle stitches it down. There was a little struggle to keep the 3 threads in place.

5. Cording foot.

The same idea as the previous one. Folds thread, in this case ribbon and stitched around it to hold it down. Also very similar to pintuck.

6. Ruffler foot

The ruffler foot is so big and looks very dangerous! It also very loud and scary! But it does make amazing ruffle. The foot has different setting for how scrunched up I want the ribbon to be.

7. Needle Punch Machine

This machine has 6 needles, you can get ones with a lost more.The needled literally punch the felt through the base fabric. It is better to use something thin or loose weave because that gets get felt in more.

8. XR33


This machine is electronic. There is a numbered key board with up to 30 stitches on. Also there is a button that puts your needle down in the fabric or up which means that I don’t have to turn the knob. This helps to stitch round shapes. It can also stitch through diffult fabrics like leather or neoprene.

9. Janome 6600P


Another electric machine. Much more advanced, it has about 100 different stitched and small scale of alphabets and numbers. This is probably my favourite one because it can actually write! Exiting!

10. Decorative needles

This needle allows me to stitch two rows of the same sewing at the same time, there is 2 or more needles with two different thread source that stitches the rows. In this case I have used triple needle.

11. Fringe foot

This foot has a sort of bridge in a middle which allows the thread to create fringes which I can then cut of leave intact.

I have to say the Janome 6600p was my favourite machine out of all of them. I will definetly use type in my project!