Term 1

The first term is structured very well, on Mondays we have a drawing day with Sally Grant or Helen Watkins and on Tuesdays we have a workshop day in which we do stitch and fabric manipulation with Maggie Cullinane or print and dye with Steve Murray. The work we do on Monday we then transfer it on to cloth on Tuesday. With Sally we do more structured drawings like life or float drawings and then we work with Maggie in stitch. We do that for 4 weeks and then we swap to doing mark making with Helen and dye with Steve for 4 weeks. Then after those 8 weeks we will have a chance to go back in to those 2 workshops and do and practise any technique we want. At the end of term 1 we will have to present our best 6 samples from each workshop.




1st drawing session

IMG_7604In our first drawing session with Sally Grant we had to go to a library and pick an image from a book to then sketch it. I have picked an octopus make out ‘O’s. I have always liked typography. After we have done the sketch Sally told us to use it in a repeat pattern, the octopus I draw was A3 size and it took me a while to I IMG_7574decided not to waste time on tracing it but to photocopy it and make it smaller so I can do different repeat patterns. Sadly, after I have photocopied it and make it smaller I could not the the ‘O’s anymore so I decided to put some color on it and I created red and blue repeat pattern.


I decided to use some of my drawing from last week to make different patterns. I have used nail polish drawing from my room page and used it in a diamond repeat pattern.



I have also used a sketch of a red lipstickIMG_7576 from my room page to make a half-drop pattern.


I have enjoyed this task a lot but I wish that Sally told us that we will be making repeat patterns before we chose the image to sketch.


My cultural journey in Cardiff

For my first assignment we were meant to get to know Cardiff because some of us didn’t really know the city. Then we had to pick our best new places and write about them in detail. My best places are Crafts in the Bay, the bay, the Millennium Center, the National Museum and my new room.

Crafts in the Bay

Carfts in the Bay is an exhibition for contemporary applied art designed for Makers Guild in Wales. It hosts exiting national and international exhibitions. The exhibition I saw was dedicated to artists living across Europe, Australia and the USA. It is called Heat Exchange.

There was a lot of pieces I liked like bowls and cups made out of multicolour plastic by Ruth Shelly or forest and city skyline made out of glass by Paula Rylatt but my two favourite artists were Sue Atkins – embroidery and Emily Skinner – print maker. Atkins used free machine to beautifully embroider her IMG_6771representation of landscapes. She was always fascinated by landscapes although not in any one real geographical location but her personal response to what she saw and how she felt. I like her work because every section of the piece looks carefully thought out and is important even if it is small. Sue free machines on every section using different pattern.                                                                                                       Atkins’ work—>

IMG_7570My sample, I have machine stitch straight likes using the twin needle on green and blue fabric. On blue fabric I have free machined circles.

Emily Skinner is a very known paper and textiles artist. She is knows for being awarded second prize in the international Hand and Lock embroidery competition in 2011. Her motto is ‘A key ideal is not only to create beautifully designed and constructed textiles but also to provide personal response’. She is a very talented and experienced screen print artist which has attracted me to her work. At the Craft in the Bay she has a lot of different work IMG_6773like cushions, rose scented books and wall papers and each item has a different design. I like how it is all in the same theme and done using the same technique but still very different from each other. Skinner’s prints are so precise and properly printed.

The crafts in the Bay also organises workshops like developing stitched text, jewellery or plant dyes in textiles.
I really enjoyed being in Crafts in the Bay because it was all dedicated to artist and their work. It was all to the highest standards which made me want to be as good, it motivates m to see how ambitious and creative those artists are.
The building it self looks missable so if I was on my own I probably wouldn’t go in or even acknowledge that it is there.

The Bay

Some of the collage I have done based on photos I took at the bay. IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_7568

The Millenium Center
The Millenium center is a well known theatre designed for opera, large scale musicals, ballet and contemporary dance as well as studio theatre, a dance house and orchestral hall. It’s motto is ‘Bringing the best of the world’s to Wales and show casing the best of Wales to the world’. Sadly I didn’t go to any of the amazing shows but I did visit the graduate exhibition curated by Richard Billingham. Billingham has selected this year’s BA graduates work. He has picked work including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, print, making, illustration, ceramics and jewellery done by 34 different graduates. The work I have seen impressed me a lot and thinking that this could be me in 3 years motivates me. Sadly and surprisingly there was no textiles related work or textiles student which shows that the exhibition was organised by only one person. There was a lot of good work produced by fine artists, photographers and ceramics. The artists came from different Universities like Cardiff Metropolitan University (my university), University of South Wales, UniversitIMG_6664y of Wales Trinity St Davids and many more.
Heidi Bell a fine art student from Glyndwr University has presented an ‘Untitled’ work using water based paint, wood and steel. Bell is fascinated with lines in their simplest form and how their characteristics can be re-worked in integral in how the art wishes to communicate.
I like it because each canvas has created its own pattern but also they all create pattern as a whole which is intelligent and interesting.
IMG_6687Rachel Codd, Cardiff Met graduate, studied ceramics. She created ‘The Garden’ which is listed for £1670. In my opinion it looks very nice on a wall, lovely colors and maybe it might be even wearable.
Codd says that her work is the result of desire to create pieces that form a tactile narrative. This piece has caught my eye because there was not a lot of 3 dimensional pieces in the exhibition.
Fine Art , Cardiff Met Graduation, James Scott-Davies.IMG_6668 Davies has created a personal metropolis using a combination of screen print and drawing. I was drawn to it because it is a big piece formed from 4 canvases and it looks so busy.
There is only 3 colours but the screen print and drawing create an amazing pattern. He called it ‘Personal Metropolis’ and it costs £2000.

IMG_6670Myra Ryan graduated fine art as Glyndwr University. Using screen print to create a piece she called ‘Transform’. The artist is moving between 2D and 3D work which were both in the exhibition, one done in screen print and the other in latex. They are both made out of crazy lines going through each other, personally I prefer the 2D screen print piece.
There was a lot more brilliant artist such as Jodie Everett, photographic art, Morgan Davies, art practice or Amelia May Smith, fashion photography.
I have enjoyed this show very much although I wish there was more textiles graduate so I could relate to them more.
National Museum
The National Museum has some amazing exhibitions in it, but also the building itIMG_6608 self is very extraordinary. Designed by Arnold Dunbar Smith and Cecil Brewer in 1912. It is a magnificent cream building with several columns and stairs leading up to them. Once I was in the building I noticed a very interesting and beautiful ceiling in oval shape, it is located in the centre of the main hall. The main hall is a ver big space with big, old, concrete stairs on both sides with sculptures. The building made me feel very small but also very proud that I could see the art in it.
The museum was also very busy and noisy because it is a popular place. It was ranked 31st in most visited museum in United Kingdom. The museum has collections of archaeology, botany, fine and applied art, geology and zoology so everyone has a chance to see something they like.
Fragments of the floor or wall tiles caught my eye, they were a bit crushed but that think that it gave them a little bit 3of mystery. They had very interesting and complex pattern simultaneously they were simple and pretty. The tiles were lent by Department of Archaeology and Numismatics.

Another amazing piece of art I have seen 1a big, wooden sculpture. It was lent bz Derek Williams Trust. It was made by David Nash in 2000. It is a sculptureIMG_6586 made out of wooden blocks put together to create geometric shapes which were then transformed in to a
big sculpture column called ‘Multi cut-column’. I like it because it was really big algought it was                                                         created from small pieces.

2Again, lent by Derek William trust, Natalia Dias made a sculpture called ‘As above IMG_6582so below’. It is made out of glazed porcelain and it is
simply amazing. To me it looks like human heart on fire. The colors are so vibrant and almost alive.


I liked the nature section filled with a transparent wall with butterflies, bees, bugs, flies and other insects. The miniatures are done very detailed to show the amazing patterns on their wings.
IMG_6628The section on minerals is so colorful and interesting. Some exhibits are as a whole so you can see the roughness of the stone and how much is shyness. Others are cut open to show beautiful patterns which are created by change of color usually in oval shapes.

Visiting the museum was a great experience and inspiration to me.


My room


I decided to also do my room becuase it is a new thing for me too. There is a lot of art supplies in my room like brushes, paints, pencils, scissors, rubber, inks. Also I have a lot of make-up and hair products beucase I am a girl. The big spider in top right corner is Freddie. There is a massive spider just outside my window, I don’t like spiders so one of my new flat mates named him Freddie because she thought it’s a cute name so it might help me get used to the spider.


Sample based on lipsticks. Used applique, machine stitch, free machining.